UFC on FX 2- Post Fight Results

Heading into the final minutes of Alves vs Kampmann it looked like I was on my way to a pretty reputable 8-3 record, that quickly changed when Thiago went for an out of character takedown and got caught in a desperation guillotine that actually worked! The loss pushed my record back to 7-4, but more importantly squashed the Statistic Star Parlay and an additional parlay that both only required Alves to pick up the W. A reoccurring theme of having one fight wrong  (also known as “so close, but so far away” or “close but no cigar”) can be seen at the bottom of the page throughout the UFC Bet Pack , which no matter how close we were it still results in a big ole ZERO in our pockets!

A record of 7-4 is nothing to be ashamed of, but then it is discovered that during the transfer of the judges scores to Bruce Buffer’s mouth there was a mistake in the Johnson/McCall fight which resulted in the very close contest going from a tight decision win by Johnson to a draw and rematch at a future event my prediction record takes another hit. This dropped me to 6-4-1 on the night, still not bad, but not great. Let’s hope that Strikeforce: Rousey vs Tate will bring slightly improved results.

Thoughts on the Event

-Shawn Jordan has potential, the question is how far can he go. He is an entertaining fighter and will most likely get a better spot on the next card.

-Pineda is killer, step up in competition is on its way for sure.

-Waldburger is dangerous to anyone he can get a hold of, but the high number of knockouts he has suffered at such a young age is a bit of a concern going forward.

-Noke looked like he was a little too jacked up because he was fighting at home and spent everything he had early, good for Craig survivng and then turning the fight around

-did Cole look bad or has Siler improved that much since the show? Cole might get one more crack at 145 because of his late fight rally, but he will be on the chopping block with another L. Good scrap.

-Perosh is 3-0 as a LHW, nice to see a veteran getting a little recognition. His ground game looks dangerous and he is a tough guy that seems to be willing to take punishment in order to get his opponent on the mat. Perosh vs Vera? Even though Vera is on a lossing streak he would be a nice name for Perosh to add to his resume.

-Te-Huna looked like a stud, if he keeps working to refine the technical aspects of his game he will make waves and should get a next level opponent, how about Te-Huna vs Bader?

– the fight played out almost exactly how I wanted it to, minus the knockout. Philippou has some serious power and his technical skill, movement, and improving TDD will give a lot of ppl trouble at middleweight. Philippou vs Herman?

-McCall/Johnson- such a close fight, I honestly felt that McCall had done enough to win, but he probably should have kept pushing at the end instead of showboating in his debut fight. Glad to see these two are going to meet again and get a clear winner decided, it is too bad we didn’t get the Sudden Death round that had been added in, certainly would have been a fun finish to  a fun fight.

-Benavidez gets his shot at the Flyweight title, he looked good and the odds were properly set with him as a huge favorite. Urushitani will hopefully get another shot with the promotion and with the divison just starting out I can’t see why he wont get at least one more fight.

-Alves/ Kampmann was unfolding perfectly, with Alves’s power being the difference maker. After he was able to establish that Kampmann couldn’t take him down at will he really opened up and was on his way to a win until he went for a takedown in the final minute. It was pretty clear that he had Kampmann hurt and most likely should have kept attacking, but instead he tried to move the fight to a dominant position and finish the round on top of a badly beaten opponent to make it clear to the judges that he had won the fight. It didn’t work out, but clearly he looked good despite the defeat. Kampmann is as tough as they come but fighting opponents with power and the skill to at least keep it close seems to create problems for him. Kampmann should call for a rematch with Shields, a winnable fight and then look for a title eliminator after that. Alves should go after a rematch with Kampmann that he probably won’t get, Alves vs Sanchez makes sense to me and would be a bard burner.

UFC on FX 2- Betting Pack

Parlay #1 –
Selection 1: Semerzier, Mackens $1.61
Selection 2: Johnson, Demetrious $1.31
Selection 3: Philippou, Constantinos $2.05
Selection 4: Te-Huna, James $1.33
Suggested Bet Amount: $50
Price: $5.75
Payout: $287.50
Parlay #2
Selection 1: Jordan, Shawn $1.48
Selection 2: Perosh, Anthony $2.00
Selection 3: Miller, Cole $1.25
Selection 4: Waldburger, TJ $1.87
Suggested Bet Amount: $50
Price: $6.92
Payout: $346.00
Parlay #3
Selection 1: Philippou, Constantinos $2.05
Selection 2: Alves, Thiago $.171
Selection 3: Waldburger, TJ $1.87
Suggested Bet Amount: $50
Price: $6.56
Payout: $328.00
Parlay #4- Statistics Star Parlay
Selection 1: Perosh, Anthony $2.00
Selection 2: Alves, Thiago $1.71
Selection 3: Te-Huna, James $1.33
Selection 4: Johnson, Demetrious $1.31
Suggested Bet Amount: $65
Price: $5.96
Payout: $387.40

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