Premium Bet Pack- $15

Kamikaze Overdrive works hard to provide our viewers with the best MMA predictions on the web and finishing an MMA event with a good record is nice, but finishing an event with money in the bank is even better. In an effort to help our viewers turn an entertaining night of MMA into a profitable night we will be putting together Event specific betting packages in our Bet Shop that will provide our viewers with the inside edge when it comes to betting on MMA. Purchasing a betting package from Kamikaze Overdrive is both a wise and inexpensive investment. Most betting companies charge $50 or more for sports betting advice, but at Kamikaze Overdrive we recognize that bettors shouldn’t be forced to pay such a high price for betting information and instead should focus their bankroll on actual betting. That’s why we provide our betting packages at an inexpensive price. Purchasing a betting package will maximize the bettor’s possibility of taking home profit at the end of each MMA event. We offer no guarantee that we will make you rich, but one successful event will easily cover the cost of your investment in a Kamikaze Overdrive MMA Betting package. Refund Policy: If you purchase a Betting Package there is no refund as the information purchased can’t been ‘returned’ once purchased. Thank you.

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