One on One with…Chris Clements

Chris Clements is headed towards the biggest fight of his career as he prepares to make his promotional debut on the UFC 145 Facebook Prelims in Atlanta Georgia on April 21st 2012. A native of Chatham, Ontario Canada, Clements currently trains out of the Adrenaline Training Center in London, Ontario alongside fellow UFC fighters Mark Hominick and Sam Stout. Even though this is Chris’s first fight inside the Octagon he has faced multiple opponents with UFC experience including Rory Markham, Jesse Bongfeldt, John Alessio, Jonathan Goulet, and Rich Clementi. Clements brings a four fight winning streak into his Welterweight matchup against Keith Wisniewski, with all four wins by knockout including victories over the aforementioned Goulet and Clementi in that span. Prior to his debut, Kamikaze Overdrive caught up with Clements to get a few last minutes thoughts about his upcoming fight and his MMA career in general.

KO: At UFC 145 you are making your UFC debut, but for the fans that aren’t as familiar with you how would you best describe yourself as a fighter?

CC: I am definitely a fans type fighter.   No decisions on my record and I have 100% knockout win stat.  I put a show and go for the finish every time.  The only way I know how to fight is to try and finish it from start to finish.

KO: Looking back over your time in MMA, is there a specific moment or fight that stands out to you as the most significant point of your career so far?

CC: Definitely my KO win over Jonathan Goulet.   We was a the first UFC vet I defeated and it was my first major championship belt.  After that fight I gained respect in the sport and learned to trust in myself more.

KO: Every fighter dreams of competing in the UFC; what did it mean to you when you got the call?

CC: Since the very first show I wanted to fight in the UFC but didn’t start mma until I was 26. I always did different martial arts and boxing.  But until 10 years ago MMA and BJJ gyms were hard to come by. To fight in the UFC is the one accomplishment that I am most proud of in my life.  Its was my dream,  I earned it, never gave up on it and I had a long road to get here.  The harder the mountain is to climb the better you feel once you reach the top.

KO:  The possibility of Octagon shock or jitters affecting a fighter’s performance is something that is talked about frequently during a debut, is this something you have prepared for?

CC: I don’t see me being nervous.  I was nervous for every fight leading up to the UFC because I knew if I lost my UFC dream would be over.  Now that i made it to the UFC I can just enjoy myself.  My goal was to fight in the UFC and I get to do it now.  Time to have fun!

KO:  At UFC 145 you’ll be fighting Keith Wisniewski, how familiar were you with him prior to the fight being signed and what do you know about him now?

CC: I wasn’t too familiar with him before.  I have watched a few of his fights but not much.  I don’t think he will stand with me .  Expecting him to try and clinch me a lot and go for the takedown.

KO:  How has your camp gone so far?

CC: Honestly its been a crazy camp.  I have had a lot going on. Had to put the family dog down and a few family members have ended up sick in the hospital.  I had a baby girl on March 9th,  my wife and my first child. And I did a bunch of home renovations before the baby came.  Not ideal for a the biggest fight of my life but I seem to work best with distractions.

KO: Heading into the fight are there specific goals that you want to accomplish in addition to getting your hand raised?

CC: I want to show the world a few things they have never seen before

KO: Finally, not to look too far into the future, but what is the five year plan?

CC: I just want the world to see me as a great striker. In 5 years I will probably be retired but I see myself as a better coach then I am a fighter.

Chris Clements is an exciting new addition to the UFC’s Welterweight division. He brings heavy hands and an aggressive striking repertoire that is sure make Chris a fan favorite and a candidate for the coveted Knockout or Fight of the Night Bonuses. Here at would like to wish Chris the best of luck at UFC 145 and going forward and thank him for taking the time to answer a few of our questions.



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