KOPT II- Championship- A Champion Crowned


Read all about the Winner of Season 2 of the Kamikaze Overdrive Prediction Tournament Nick ‘Card’ Thomas here.

Season 2 of the Kamikaze Overdrive Prediction Tournament (KOPT II) is finally here and the competition will kick off at UFC 160 on May 25th, 2013. In season 1 of the tournament over 100 people submitted their registration, but only the first 32 participants were selected. This year we are looking to expand beyond the first Season, but will keep the same five round tournament format. Spots are still going to be restricted to a certain number of applicants so sign up as soon as possible. Depending on the numbers the first round could be separated into groups of 3 or 4 with the top predictor advancing to the second round. The KOPT pits predictors head to head in single elimination bracket format. Each round covers a predetermined number of events with competitors earning points by correctly predicting the winner and method for each fight. In order to advance to the next round a predictor must score more combined point then their opponent in the round. In the event of a tie a series of tie breakers (listed below) will be implemented. All you need to play is a working email address. Compared to other Fantasy MMA competition this tournament is unique because it is the most difficult online MMA contest to win. Kamikaze Overdrive competed last year under the name TeamTakeover316 and was fortunate to make it to the third round before losing on a tie breaker. Many other well-known MMA predictors from Youtube competed in the contest and none of them made it past round 2.  Click the image below to see the entire tournament. KOPT Season 1 Tournament The reason this tournament is so difficult to win, is that you must continually be at your best. With other group prediction contests, a bad event might drop you in the standings but that can be quickly overcome on the next card. With the KOPT a bad night will end your tournament or at the very least make it incredibly difficult to advance to the next round. The winner of Season 1 finished the Tournament with a winning percentage over 70%. The first season was free, but with the amount of work that it took to run the contest and with the number of entries hopefully increasing this year there will be a small entry fee of $5.00. This is the toughest Worldwide MMA prediction tournament anywhere. All are welcome to sign up, but only the best will emerge victorious. Do you have what it takes?

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Championship Scoreboard

UFC 166
Maestro V
Card (Champion)


Tournament Bracket

Championship Round Bracket

Championship Round Events

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  1. Tom Mcgill says:

    I signed up about month and half ago. And have not received my email. Also I am interested to know whether or not one is refunded if he is not picked to compete.

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