Kamikaze Overdrive Bet Pack Example

Depending on your betting style, you can select the Big Bank Roll Parlays which employs a betting strategy focussed on straight and 2-leg parlays that limit the risk and offer a decent return based on your financial commitment. If you are willing to take a little more risk and aren’t interested in putting as much cash in play, but still want a shot at a big return- then the Big Risk/ Big Reward Parlays are for you. Playing both of these strategies together is not recommended.




Fighter 1: Anthony Smith $7800 
Fighter 2: Court McGee $7700 
Fighter 3: Misha Cirkunov $9300 
Fighter 4: Sean Strickland $8000 
Fighter 5: Jonathan Martinez $7600 
Fighter 6: Michael Johnson $9500 
Salary Remaining:
Fighter 1: 
Fighter 2: 
Fighter 3: 
Fighter 4: 

Anthony Smith +150 vs Volkan Oezdemir -160 

This fight is lining up like the perfect post-title fight letdown scenario for Oezdemir. He got a quick push based on a small sample size of success and then got smashed back down the ladder. With Jones and Gus back on the scene, his chance of getting a shot are incredibly slim. Smith is still hungry and coming off a couple wins. Smith’s line has remained fairly consistent and that is normal facing a recent titl challenger. Smith drags Volkan into deep waters and gets the finish. Silver Play.


I have Smith in my lineup. He is a high percentage finisher and will go out on his shield. Getting a fighter of Smith’s calibre for less than $8000 is a solid play.

Michael Johnson -575 vs Artem Lobov +485 

This is a no play straight up, but I will take a look at a prop bet options depending on the price.


Johnson is very expensive and while I don’t see him grabbing the finish, he can definitely pile up the volume against’s Lobov’s less than stellar defence.

Misha Cirkunov -345 vs Patrick Cummins +315 

I will pass on Misha here. He is too expensive and despite coming off a pair of one-sided defeats you would be buying very high here.


Misha offers some big bombs when he throws and Cummins is defensively flawed and can be finished. Add him.

Andre Soukhamthath -150 vs Jonathan Martinez +150 

Soukhamthath isn’t a great fighter to start with and his poor decision making further inhibits his ability to win fights. Martinez is coming in on short notice and we have yet to see him compete at this level. That being said, he appears to offer the basic skill set needed to overcome Andre. We don’t have a lot of info on him, so I will knock JM down to a Bronze play.


Martinez is a cheaper fighter that can finish or at the very least pile up some volume against the hittable Soukhamthath. Andre is a tough out, but not impossible- add him.

Ed Herman +215 vs Gian Villante -229 

The line on Villante opened around -300 and has been steadily bet down. Most sites have him between -225 and -250. I wouldn’t go anywhere over -250 if he starts to move back up the line. I have him pegged in the Silver section, but only as an add-on to the parlay. He most likely won’t get the call for Big Bankroll bets.


I will pass here. Gian is just too expensive.

Alex Garcia -189 vs Court McGee +185 

The value on Court is rising- +135 and now climbing well above +170. McGee has underperformed in recent fights, but stylistically this is a great fight for McGee. Garcia’s volume isn’t enough to match Court and even with takedowns, he tends to struggle over a full 15 minutes. As a dog, McGee gets the nod in my Gold play.


The key to playing Court is his volume and low cost. Garcia is hittable and if McGee can push him, he could grab a late finish. Add him.

Nordine Taleb +100 vs Sean Strickland -105 

The line correctly showcases how close this fight could be. A split decision is possible, but only if Strickland underperforms. Strickland seems to be getting more cash from the fans as he is dropping as low as -120 on some sites. I like that he is younger, a little bigger, and arguably more defensively sound. Despite how close this fight could be, I am confident that Strickland comes out of it with the win- Gold Play.


Strickland is probably not grabbing a finish, but his volume is decent and by saving a few $100 on him over Ray allows us to pick up Michael Johnson. Add him.

Nasrat Haqparast -833 vs Thibault Gouti +700 

Yeah, no! Pass.


I like Haqparast to grab a finish, but not at this price.

Calvin Kattar -259 vs Chris Fishgold +320 

Most likely another pass. I like Kattar, but Fishgold could put a scare into us. If I call on Calvin anywhere it will be as a third leg on the Bronze parlay.



Sarah Moras -167 vs Talita Bernardo +153 

Both girls grapple and both girls tend to get tired. I like the veteran to get ahead here and grind this one out. She has the better resume and Bernardo has yet to show that she can compete at this level. The line looks a little better considering the Canadian opened somewhere around the -260 mark and steadily increased in value. Moras gets the nod as a Bronze play.


No play here.

Don Madge +430 vs Te Edwards -456 

Hard pass. Too little info and either a big risk or a too small return.



Arjan Bhullar -135 vs Marcelo Golm +150 

Bhullar was close to -180 when he opened so we are getting a bargain. His submission loss shakes our confidence a little, but the style matchup favours him here. Golm has limited success outside of the opening round and Bhullar tends to take his fights the distance. Arjan needs to establish his wrestling, but this is his fight to win. Gold play for the Canadian.


I considered Bhullar for my lineup, but his decision heavy record is enough to scare me away.

Jessin Ayari +140 vs Stevie Ray -147 

Ayari is cutting to 155 and returning after a long layoff. I don’t see him thriving against faster, more technical opponents. Ray needs to stay vertical here, but I see him getting the better of the exchanges. Ray opened up close to -200, so we are getting a solid deal. Silver play.




1. Michael Johnson -575 

2. Nasrat Haqparast -833 

3. Misha Cirkunov -345 

4. Court McGee +185 

5. Stevie Ray -147 


6. Arjan Bhullar -135 

7. Sean Strickland -105 

8. Gian Villante -229 

9. Anthony Smith +150 

10. Calvin Kattar -259 

11. Jonathan Martinez +150 

12. Sarah Moras -167  

13. Te Edwards -456 

1. Court McGee +185 

2. Anthony Smith +150 

3. Jonathan Martinez +150 

4. Sean Strickland -105 

5. Stevie Ray -147 






Exclusive Bet Pack Content.

Michael Johnson to Win by Decision -110 

This is a solid deal considering how heavily favoured MJ is over Lobov straight up. Lobov did get rocked by Fili, but he is generally a tough customer. He is 7-11 in decisions which tells us he can take punishment but still go the distance. Johnson can finish, but look for him to pace himself on short notice.

Misha Cirkunov to Win by TKO/KO/DQ +170 

Cummins can take him down, but he won’t be able to keep him down and once Misha starts landing he will put him out. Cummins has taken a lot of damage, even in fights he has won. I don’t trust him to hold up against a strong Judo player with heavy hands. A plus return is a solid investment here.

Nordine Taleb/Sean Strickland 

See Betting Scenario Section.

Nasrat Haqparast to Win by Knockout -195 

Gouti’s chin has faltered on multiple occasions and Haqparast has some big power. If Nasrat can connect he can certainly replicate the issues that Gouti has had and while the price isn’t great it is a nice addon to a lower level parlay.

Arjan Bhullar/Marcelo Golm 

See Betting Scenario Section.

Jessin Ayari/Stevie Ray 

See Betting Scenario Section.





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