Free Play- UFC 243: Whittaker vs Adesanya

Free Play- UFC 243: Whittaker vs Adesanya
Tai Tuivasa -to Win by  KO/TKO -175

I am a little surprised we are getting this good of a return here. Tai has won all but 1 of his fights by knockout and Spivak is coming off of the type of performance that suggests he won’t be able to hold up once the leather starts to fly. Tai puts on an impressive performance at home and gets him out of there. This play could be included at the higher end of my betting card.

Recommendation: This is a solid option for adding some variety to your bets. Playing Tuivasa by knockout with Tafa and Al gives you a pretty solid return on a 3-line parlay.

BET #1
+ Justin Tafa  to Win -130
+ Tai Tuivasa  to Win by KO/TKO -175
+ Al Iaquinta  to Win +145
ODDS: +581
BET: 6u
RETURN: 40.87u


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August 15th 2020

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$15.00 (CND)

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