Free Bet Pack Giveaway- UFN 107


I’m going to post a 4-leg parlay below. If you bet $10 on that parlay, it will return between $25-$32 depending on your book. If it wins, it covers the cost of your original $10 bet + the cost of the $15 spent on my Single Event Bet Pack.

So at the very least, if that bet wins- your Bet Pack is FREE. If that parlay is not a winner and the Bet Pack doesn’t return a profit on at least 1 of the 2 Betting Bundles (Big Bankroll or Big Reward), simply send me an email with a screen capture of your losing 4-leg bet posted below and the Paypal Receipt for the Bet Pack and I will send you the next event for FREE! Pretty Simple.

Email: [email protected]

Keep in mind, the below Parlay is meant to cover the cost of the bet pack, not put your kids through college.


Free UFN 107 Parlay*
Selection 1: Tim Johnson -175
Selection 2: Lina Lansberg -300
Selection 3: Brett Johns/Ian Entwistle Total Rounds Under 1.5 -200
Price: +214   x Bet: $10
Payout: $31.40
*In the event of a loss, your bet must contain these 4 legs, no more, no less.
Premium Bet Pack Purchase Options
UFC Fight Night 139: Jung vs Rodriguez
Subscription (8 Cards)
November 10th
End of Year Subscription (8 events)

$15.00 (CND)
$100 (save $20)

**Click on Return to Vender from Paypal to gain direct access to the Bet Pack & Password.
Packs Include: Gold, Silver, Bronze & Wildcard Parlay Sections for both Hardcore and Casual Bettors, a Draftkings Lineup & Breakdowns, Individual Fight Betting Breakdowns, Full Event Confidence list, Top 5 Value Bet List, Counter Bet List, Betting Scenario Breakdowns, and Prop betting options.

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