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Welcome to the new home of Kamikaze Overdrive MMA Predictions. At Kamikaze Overdrive we work hard to provide our customers with the best and most consistent MMA predictions on the web. In addition to providing predictions for every fight on each and every UFC card, we also provide Betting analysis for every UFC event. We research each fight; looking at new footage, reviewing our notes from previous predictions, and examining betting trends as fight week progresses.As fight week draws to a close we will post our Kamikaze Overdrive Premium Bet Pack. We provide a betting service that varies from other betting services in two key ways.

First, we don’t over-charge our clients. For just $15, you can have access to our full Premium Bet Pack. We also offer a subscription service that will provide more savings for our customers. Our subscriptions are broken down into 2-month sections. At the start of the subscription period, subscribing will provide you with the greatest amount of savings ($20-$40) and as more event pass the discount will be a little smaller until the subscription ends.

Secondly, we provide a full card betting analysis. Our Bet Pack includes Betting and Fantasy Breakdowns for each fight on the card. We post Prop Bets, Betting Scenarios, ranked each pick based on Value and Confidence, and even provide Counter Bets if we see value in a fighter we picked against. The key to our Bet Pack is the Bet and Parlay sections. Our promoted bets are broken into two groups; the Hardcore Betting Cluster (HBC) and the Casual Betting Cluster (CBC). The ‘HBC’ focusses on bettors that have a larger Bankroll and are looking to make big investments in 1 to 2 leg plays. Our ‘CBC’ provides bets for bettors that want to bet smaller amounts, with greater risk, and bigger returns. We provide a variety of betting options to meet the needs of all types of bettors.

Ultimately, gambling is just that- gambling. We offer no guarantee that we will make you rich, but we do guarantee that we will work hard to research, analyze, and provide you with the best betting opportunity on the web.

Refund Policy: If you purchase a Betting Package there is no refund as the information purchased can’t been ‘returned’ once purchased. Thank you.

If you have any question regarding your purchase please contact us in the at or in the Contact section on this site.

  • Each Event Specific Password will be posted in the Bet Pack, please write down the password as you may need it if you wish to return to the page at a later date.
  • If you wish to return to the Premium Bet Pack page at a later date please click on the Login button at the bottom of the page, entering the password when prompted.
  • The betting package will be posted a few days before the event (depending on when the betting odds are released and when the predictions for all fights are posted) and you may need to sign back in if the information has not been posted.

(Before purchasing, turn off your pop-up blocker to avoid any issue returning to the site.)

Purchase Options

UFC 252

Subscription (1 event)

August 15th 2020

Single Event
Premium Bet Pack

$15.00 (CND)

June & July (1 Events)

Premium Bet Pack

$15.00 (CND)

**Click on Return to Vender from Paypal to gain direct access to the Bet Pack & Password.
Packs Include: Gold, Silver, Bronze & Wildcard Parlay Sections for both Hardcore and Casual Bettors, a Draftkings Lineup & Breakdowns, Individual Fight Betting Breakdowns, Full Event Confidence list, Top 5 Value Bet List, Counter Bet List, Betting Scenario Breakdowns, and Prop betting options.


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