5Dimes UFC Betting Review

Bet on MMA at 5Dimes5Dimes is one sportsbooks every bettor needs to have an account with. You won’t notice any flashy graphics when you visit the sportsbook’s website, but what you’ll find is a great platform to get down to business. 5Dimes is getting better with their MMA coverage and they’re already one of the best sportsbooks to bet on mixed martial arts. The 5Dimes Sportsbook operates out of San Jose, Costa Rica and their management team is amongst the sharpest in the industry.

5Dimes Sportsbook Quick Facts

  • 5Dimes launched way back in 1996 and has been running a great sportsbook ever since.
  • 5Dimes post odds on every UFC fight plus most K1, Rizen WSOF and Bellator fights very early.
  • 5Dimes charges lower juice than most MMA bookmakers, which puts more money in your pocket.
  • 5Dimes offers prop betting on UFC and they also allow bettors to wager live on UFC PPV main card fights.


Bet on the UFC at 5Dimes

5Dimes Sportsbook Software

Like we mentioned above, 5Dimes doesn’t have a very appealing website. They don’t need to draw bettors in with all the bells and whistles because they provide an unmatched betting experience. US bettors can still bet with 5Dimes as well and they’re by far the best bookmaker if you live in the Canada right now, although you cannot register or play at 5Dimes if you are from American Samoa, Australia, Brazil, France, Guam, Hungary, Iran, Japan, North Korea, Panamá, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States Minor Outlying Islands, United States of America, US Virgin Islands and Vietnam. The software used at 5Dimes is provided by ASI and DGS. The software is simple to use and very self-explanatory although you can also contact 5Dimes support if you need help betting.

5Dimes Sportsbook Bonus

5Dimes offers a sign-up bonus that’s worth a maximum of $520 and in order to receive the full bonus you need to deposit $2000 minimum into your account. If you plan on betting a lot at 5Dimes you should forget about the sign-up bonus. 5Dimes also has a reduced juice bonus that lowers the juice you pay on all major sports including MMA. Reduced juiced odds are posted the day of the event at 5Dimes and there will be a “reduced” tab to click on under the MMA betting section.


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5Dimes Sportsbook MMA Betting Guide

5Dimes has a huge selection of MMA bets. You can bet on UFC, Bellator and all other major MMA events at 5Dimes. If there is any noteworthy fights happening worldwide 5Dimes odds posted. Bettors will be able to bet on all UFC fights and for PPV events bettors can wager on the main card fights live while they’re being fought. At the end of each round bettors can wager on the fighter they think will win with adjusted odds based on how the earlier rounds transpired.
At 5Dimes you can wager on the moneyline and round total plus plenty of props. 5Dimes used to offer more MMA props, but in the past few months they’ve started taking less action on prop bets in all sports. You can bet on how a fighter will win a fight and what round a fighter will win a fight in the UFC prop section at 5Dimes. Betting limits will never be a concern at 5Dimes for anyone, as 5Dimes accepts huge bets and rarely limit any bettors because they have so much action.


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5Dimes Sportsbook Banking

The banking options at 5Dimes vary based on where you live. The complete list of deposit/withdrawal options at 5Dimes includes Debit/Credit Card, Person2Person Transfer, Sportsbook Transfer, Check, Bank Wire and Money Orders too. The minimum deposit accepted for most deposit options at 5Dimes is $50 and the maximum varies. Bitcoin is also available and becoming a very popular method, the minimum is just $25. The best Bitcoin Bank is Coinbase.

Bet on the UFC with your mobile at 5Dimes
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