KOPT 2 Rules & Tournament Format

Tournament Format

-The Tournament will be broken down into a Playoff Style Bracket pitting competitors head to head

-The Tournament will consist of 5 rounds, with the first two covering 2 events and the next 2 rounds each covering 3 events, and the Championship round last 4 events.

-Depending on the number of registrations the first round could be separated into groups of 3 or 4 instead of Head to Head matchups. After the deadline to sign up has passed this information will be finalized.


1) All competitors will be emailed a spread sheet at the start of fight week

2) Please copy, paste, and fill out the spread sheet with your picks before sending it back to kamikazeoverdrive@live.ca

3) Make sure to include your Username in your return email to avoid confusion

4) Competitors will pick the Winner and Method of each fight. If the Method isn’t included by default it will be considered a decision.

5) Correct Winners are worth 2 points and correct method is worth 1 point

6) If your fighter does not win then you get 0 points

7) Pick 1 of 3 Methods of Victory- KO/TKO, Sub, or Decision

8) At the end of each round your total points will be calculated and the predictor with the higher score will advance to the next round.

9) Scores will revert back to 0 at the start of each round.

10) In the event of a tie a series of tie breakers will be used to determine the winner-

i)      Most complete correct predictions (Winner & Method)

ii)      Most points earned from Main Card Fights

iii)      Most Upsets predicted (upsets will be determined by the betting odds in the Public Picks section)

iv)      Biggest Single Upset Predicted (this will also be determined by the odds posted in the Public Picks)

v)      Total points scored on the first event of the round.

vi)      Total points scored on the second event of the round.

vii)      Depending on the round the total points scored per event comparison will cover events 3 and 4 as well.

viii)      If after all tie breakers have fail to produce a winner both Predictors will advance to the next round to make a group of 3.

11) The deadline to submit you picks is the start of first prelim fight, no exceptions.

12) You can send one email if you need to make a change to your picks. You can change from one to all of your predictions, but only one email will be accepted for the purpose of making changes.

13) Competitors Picks will not be posted until the Tournament Semi-Finals

14) If you have any further questions please contact kamikazeoverdrive@live.ca

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