Free Bet Pack Giveaway- UFN 107


I’m going to post a 4-leg parlay below. If you bet $10 on that parlay, it will return between $25-$32 depending on your book. If it wins, it covers the cost of your original $10 bet + the cost of the $15 spent on my Single Event Bet Pack.

So at the very least, if that bet wins- your Bet Pack is FREE. If that parlay is not a winner and the Bet Pack doesn’t return a profit on at least 1 of the 2 Betting Bundles (Big Bankroll or Big Reward), simply send me an email with a screen capture of your losing 4-leg bet posted below and the Paypal Receipt for the Bet Pack and I will send you the next event for FREE! Pretty Simple.


Keep in mind, the below Parlay is meant to cover the cost of the bet pack, not put your kids through college.


Free UFN 107 Parlay*
Selection 1: Tim Johnson -175
Selection 2: Lina Lansberg -300
Selection 3: Brett Johns/Ian Entwistle Total Rounds Under 1.5 -200
Price: +214   x Bet: $10
Payout: $31.40
*In the event of a loss, your bet must contain these 4 legs, no more, no less.
Premium Bet Pack Purchase Options
Single Event
Subscription (2 Cards)
2018 Subscription (11 Cards)
October 6th

UFC 229
October Subscription (2 events)

UFC 229, & UFN 138
2018 Year End Subscription Pack (11 events)
$15.00 (CND)
$25 (save $5)
$115 (save $50)

**Click on Return to Vender from Paypal to gain direct access to the Bet Pack & Password.
Packs Include: 4 Gold, Silver, Bronze & Wildcard Parlay Sections for Both Big Bank Roll and Big Reward Bettors, 2 Draftking's Lineups & Breakdowns, Individual Fight Betting Breakdowns, Full Event Confidence list, Top 5 Value Bet List, Counter Bet List, Betting Scenario Breakdowns, Prop betting options

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