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Kamikaze Overdrive works hard to provide our viewers with the best MMA predictions on the web and finishing an MMA event with a good record is nice, but finishing an event with money in the bank is even better. In an effort to help our viewers turn a entertaining night of MMA into a profitable night we will be putting together Event specific betting packages in our Bet Shop that will provide our viewers with the inside edge when it comes to betting on MMA. Purchasing a betting package from Kamikaze Overdrive is both a wise and inexpensive investment. Most betting companies charge $50 or more for sports betting advice, but at Kamikaze Overdrive we recognize that bettors shouldn’t be forced to pay such a high price for betting information and instead should focus their bankroll on actual betting. That’s why we provide our betting packages at an inexpensive price. Purchasing a betting package will maximize the bettor’s possibility of taking home profit at the end of each MMA event. We offer no guarantee that we will make you rich, but one successful event will easily cover the cost of your investment in a Kamikaze Overdrive MMA Betting package. Refund Policy: If you purchase a Betting Package there is no refund as the information purchased can’t been ‘returned’ once purchased. Thank you.


-After clicking on the Buy Now button and completing your transaction click on the ‘Return to Kamikaze Overdrive’ Link on the Paypal page (See Below)

-On the Event Betting Package page, the Event Specific Password will be posted, please write down the password as you may need it if you wish to return to the page at a later date.

-Your password is only valid for one event, after purchase you will be able to access the page without limit until the conclusion of the event.

-If you wish to return to the Event Betting Package page at a later date please follow the event link at the bottom of the page, entering the password when prompted .

-The betting package will be posted a few days before the event (depending on when the betting odds are released) and you may need to sign back in if the information has not been posted.

For technical support please email: kamikazeoverdrive@live.ca

>>>>UFC Bet Pack Example<<<<


Premium Bet Pack Purchase Options
Single Event- Protected*
Single Event
Subscription (5 Cards)
December 3rd 2016
TUF 24 Finale
***See Info Below in Bet Shop***

December 3rd 2016
TUF 24 Finale

December Subscription (5 events)
TUF 24, UFN 102, UFC 206, FOX 22, UFC 207
$18.00 (CND)
$12.00 (CND)
$42 (Save $18)
**Click on Return to Vender from Paypal to gain direct access to the Bet Pack & Password.
Packs Include: 4 Gold, Silver, Bronze & Wildcard Parlay Sections, 2 Draftking's Lineups & Breakdowns, Individual Fight Betting Breakdowns, Full Event Confidence list, Top 5 Value Bet List, Counter Bet List, Betting Scenario Breakdowns, Prop betting options

Protected Bet Pack Breakdown

The Protected Bet Pack provides KOMMA customers with the opportunity to recoup a portion of their purchase in the event the information contained within that Bet Pack doesn’t meet a series of “Winning Criteria”. Essentially, if we are way off base with our breakdowns and subsequent betting info- you get some money back.

The current price of an Individual Bet Pack is $12, but by purchasing the Protected Pack for $18 you will receive $10 of your purchase back if the Pack doesn’t meet the “Winning Criteria” listed below. So instead of paying $12 Win, Lose, or Draw with a regular pack- you would only pay $8 after a refund of $10 from your purchase of a Protected Bet Pack. It might only be $4 difference, but it is our way of saying- “Hey that sucked! Have a Drink on us!” In the event the pack falls under one of the scenarios listed below, then there is no refund initiated and hopefully you were able to cash in on the winnings in some capacity.

Winning Criteria

The “Winning Criteria” will determine if you are eligible to receive a refund from your Protected Bet Pack. If the criteria for any of the 3 scenarios listed below is met then, no refund will issued.

Scenario #1- Parlays

The Parlays must return a total amount of units equal to or greater than the total amount wagered as posted in the Bet Pack. If the scenario is fulfilled, No Refund will be issued.

Scenario #2- Top 5 Confidence & Value Bet Lists

If the combined Betting Price of all correct Bets posted in the “Top 5 Confidence List” and “Top 5 Value List” is equal to or greater than +400 based on the odds posted, No Refund will be issued. In the event a successful fighter in posted in both list, their odds will only count once towards the final total.

Scenario #3- Prop Bets

If the combined Betting Price of all Winning Prop bets posted in both the Prop and Betting Scenario section is greater than +600 based on the odds posted, No Refund will be issued.


In the event a refund is required, it will be issued 1-2 days following the conclusion of the event. Contact kamikazeoverdrive@live.ca if you have any questions.

>>>>UFC Bet Pack Example<<<<