After Registering

-Send an email to with the following information:

Subject: KOPT II Registration

-Full Name

-Email you want to be contacted at

-Paypal Email for Payment confirmation- if your contact & paypal emails are different please clearly indicate

– User Name to be displayed in the KOPT

-Country: either the country you currently live in or the one you were born in (your choice)

You will receive a confirmation email with 24-48 hours.

7 Responses to “After Registering”

  1. Tom Mcgill says:

    Lets do this!

  2. Keith Farrell says:

    I have entered.

    There is an extra email I have sent you with important information, please read it ASAP.

  3. Darren Erickson says:

    Please put me and my dad on opposite sides of the bracket. My dad is

  4. Steve Erickson says:

    Please put my son Darren Erickson on the opposite side of the bracket. Thanks.

  5. sean sinagra says:

    I have registered

  6. michael cooke says:

    DONE! Lets do this!

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