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UFC 189: Aldo vs. McGregor odds - BestFightOdds

Lewis Gonzalez $2.33 vs. Leandro Silva $1.68
Silva leaves a lot to be desired in his approach, but I was simply not impressed with the footage I saw of Gonzalez. He squeaked by Buchholz and most likely doesn't beat McKee if he doesn't gas out. For a wrestling he can be taken down too easily and he isn't that great off his back once he is put there. Silva is a physically strong fighter and his takedowns and transition game should be able to replicate Lewis's past problems. While he isn't active enough for my liking on the feet, Silva is the better striker as well. At this price I like the favourite here over the fighter making his debut. I think Silva could very well crack the Gold parlay play.

Hacran Dias/ Levan Makashvili Total Rounds Over 2.5 $1.40
Both guys have pretty big decision numbers and I don't see a finish materializing. Dias has gone the distance in 5 of his 8 pro bouts. Dias has needed the judges in 14 of his 25 bouts. Not a flashy play, but it adds a little value to a parlay.

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