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Dominick Reyes -222 vs Ovince Saint Preux +200
This is a nice step up in competition for Reyes. Nice in that he is facing the best fighter he has ever fought with solid name recognition, but also nice in that his skill sets still matches up well with what OSP has to offer. OSP does a lot of things well, but you can also drive a truck through the holes in his game. Unfortunately, Reyes opened somewhere around -170 and has been bet down to the -220 and beyond range. But, don't be surprised to see some late cash come in on OSP to hopefully gets DR back below -200. At anything below -250 I still will take a shot at Reyes in my Silver play. He is making the move up in talent against a very good fighter which keeps me from pulling the trigger on a Gold Play.

UFC 229: Nurmagomedov vs. McGregor odds - BestFightOdds

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UFC 229 Recap
Record: 6-6
Big Bankroll Bundle: 85.74u won
Big Reward Bundle: 100.36u won

UFN 137 Recap
Record: 9-4
Big Bankroll Bundle: 49.77u won
Big Reward Bundle: 56.6u won

UFN 135 Recap
Record: 10-3
Big Bankroll Bundle: 56.82u won
Big Reward Bundle: 50.05u won

UFC on FOX 30 Recap
Record: 11-2
Big Bankroll Bundle: 41.13u won
Big Reward Bundle: 142.09u won

UFN 133 Recap
Record: 7-6
Big Bankroll Bundle: 60.79u won
Big Reward Bundle: 46.2u won

UFN 131 Recap
Record: 8-4
Big Bankroll Bundle: 46.02u won
Big Reward Bundle: 62.58u won

UFC 224 Recap
Record: 11-2
Big Bankroll Bundle: 106.48u won
Big Reward Bundle: 48.58u won

UFN 128 Recap
Record 7-4
Big Bankroll Parlays: 50.59u won
Big Reward Parlays: 114.67u won

UFC 222 Recap
Record 8-4
Big Bankroll Parlays: 88.21u won
Big Reward Parlays: 156.55 u won

UFC on FOX 28 Recap
Record 6-6
Big Bankroll Parlays: 37.48u won
Big Reward Parlays: 33.86u won

UFN 126 Recap
Record 9-3
Big Bankroll Parlays: 42.37u won
Big Reward Parlays: 27.04u won

UFC 221 Recap
Record 7-5
Big Bankroll Parlays: 55.48u won
Big Reward Parlays: 68.36u won

UFN 125 Recap
Record 9-2
Big Bankroll Parlays: 58.62u won
Big Reward Parlays: 98.74u won

UFC on FOX 27 Recap
Record 10-2
Big Bankroll Parlays: 66.31u won
Big Reward Parlays: 67.62u won

UFN 124 Recap
Record 9-2
Big Bankroll Parlays: 37.83u won
Big Reward Parlays: 57.04u won

UFN 120 Recap
Record 8-5
Big Bankroll Parlays: 35.86u won
Big Reward Parlays: 86.77u won

UFN 117 Recap
Record 9-1
Big Bank Roll Parlays: 47.84u won
Big Reward Parlays: 119.44u won

UFN 114 Recap
Record 9-2
Big Bankroll Parlays: 76.26u won
Big Reward Parlays: 211.35u won

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