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UFC Fight Night 93: Arlovski vs. Barnett odds - BestFightOdds

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Enrique Barzola +174 vs Kyle Bochniak -180
I was impressed with Bochniak in his short-notice debut against a bigger fighter. Barzola is a more appropriate opponent for the current stage of his career. Bochniak is training with Peter Welch, so expect his boxing to continue to make improvements. Most notably his footwork. Barzola is going to look for TDs early and often and I expect te combo of Kyle's movement and TDD will make it hard for him to land with consistency. Bochniak should get the better of the striking exchanges here and take a decision. He falls to a Silver play on account of his lack of a win at the UFC level.

Alessio Di Chirico To Win by TKO/KO/DQ +190
Alessio's striking looked significantly improved in his debut and 3 of his last 4 finishes have been by knockout. McLellan's striking is pretty weak and I don't see him having the skills to take Di Chirico down and keep him there. The South African didn't respond well to getting tagged by Cedenblad and just shut down leading to the stoppage. The biggest threat to this play is that Di Chirico looks to exploit the poor TDD of his opponent and grinds out a decision or submission win.

FOX 20 Bet Pack Recap
Units Won: 34.6 units
Draftkings: 356 pts & 309 pts
Confidence List: 2. Ngannou -600, 3. Usman -227, 4. Prazeres -217, & 5. Elkins -181
Value List: 1. Wineland +143, 3. Herrig +100, 4. Henrique +140, & 5. Knight +180
Betting Scenario: EPD 2-0, EPU: 0-2. FPO 0-1, HEF 3-0
Props: 4-5

TUF 23 Bet Pack Recap
Units Won: 294.37
Draftkings: 434.5 pts, & 387 pts
Confidence List: 1. Silva -124, 2. Jingliang, 3. Jedrzejczyk -127. 4. Brooks -356, 5. Maynard -137
Value List: 1. Lee +150, 2. Nicolau +158, 3. Silva -124 &
4. Choi/Tavares Under 1.5 -129
Betting Scenario: EPD 1-0, FPO 1-0, HEF 4-1
Props: 5-2

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UFC 197 Bet Pack Recap
Units Won: 138.53 units
Draftkings: 375 pts, 254.5 pts & 309.5 pts
Confidence List: 1. Johnson -385, 2. Jones -485, 3. Whittaker -270, 4. Lee -370, 5. Vick -172
Value List: 1. Edson Barboza +164 & 4. Marcos Rogerio de Lima -129
Betting Scenario: EPU 2-0, FPO 0-0, HEF 2-1
Props: 3-4

UFN 86 Bet Pack Recap
Units Won: 189.51 units
Draftkings: 293.5 pts & 388.5 pts
Confidence List: 1. Taisumov -340, 2. Lewis -136, 3. Cummings +120, 4.Blachowicz
Value List: 1. Cummings +120, 2. Johnson +133, 3. Lewis -136, 4. Martins -112
Betting Scenario: EPU 1-0, FPO 1-0, HEF 8-2
Props: 6-1

UFN 84 Bet Pack Recap
Units Won: 110.16 units
Draftkings: 318.5 pts & 287.5 pts
Confidence List: 1. Breese $1.11, 3. Amirkhani $1.56, #4 Mousasi $1.33,& 5. Jotko $1.63
Value List: 1. Pickett $2.61, 2. Jotko to Win by Decision $2.35, 4.Omielanczuk $1.87
Betting Scenario: OPU 1-0, FPO 0-1, HEF 3-1
Props: 4-6

UFC on FOX 17 Bet Pack Recap
Units Won: 117.11 units
Draftkings: 240 pts & 47 pts
Confidence List: 4. KAMARU USMAN $1.42
Value List: 3. KAROLINA KOWALKIEWICZ $2.79 & 4. NIK LENTZ $2.05
Counter Bet: Nate Diaz $5.44
Betting Scenario: OPU 1-1, FPO 1-0, HEF 3-2, Rematch Props 2-0
Props: 5-3

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