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UFC 191: Johnson vs. Dodson II odds - BestFightOdds

Chris Kelades $2.48 vs Chris Beal $1.61
Beal was incredibly underwhelming in his Flyweight debut. His opponent's grittiness got the better of him and wore him down. Keep in mind that he made the move to 125 only 4 months removed from his last BW fight, now he has had 8-9 months off to make the cut more manageable. Kelades is feisty, but he really hasn't impressed me in either of his fights. I think Holohan underestimated him and after winning the first half of the bout, slow down tremendously. Borg owned him, but there is now shame in that considering how good he is. Beal is the better striker and should be capable of keeping this fight standing to negate the greatest strength of Kelades. I still would like to see Beal get a win at 125 pounds before I go all in on him, but at this price he is still a decent play for a midlevel (Silver) parlay investment.

Marcos Rogerio de Lima/ Nikita Krylov Total Rounds Under 1.5 $1.48
This really shouldn't be that hard to see. Both guys have a tonne of first round kills under their belt. de Lima has only gone beyond the first frame in 1 of his last 6 fights and for Krylov its once in 22 fights. Both guys will come out exceptionally aggressive and the chances of this contest seeing the 2nd round are minimal. It is certainly not impossible, but at this price and knowing and how these guys fight this is an excellent addition to a parlay to boost the return.

UFN 73 Bet Pack Recap
Units Won: 197.94 units
Confidence List: #1. Ortiz, #2. Brunson, #3. Dariush #5. Teixeira
Value List: #1. Dariush, #2. Teixeira, #4. Vera, #5. Saenz
Betting Scenarios: OPU: 1-1, HEF 5-1
Props: 5-3

UFC 190 Bet Pack Recap
Units Won: 82.81 units
Confidence List: #1. Rousey, #3. Maia, #4. Struve
Value List: #1. Maia, #2. Mirana, #3. Struve, #4. Cummins
Betting Scenarios: OPU 2-0, HEF 4-0
Props: 5-4

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